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Max is Eight Months Old



I’ll be honest. I certainly never thought I would stick with monthly Max updates here. Between moving and just being a new mom with an active infant (I feel he’s basically a toddler? When do they enter toddler status?) I thought these monthly updates would slowly cease to exist. It’s been great to be able to recap Max’s life though. I’m really enjoying it, and especially to look back at prior posts and think “aw, I remember when that happened.”




As we come upon Max’s first birthday, I may change the formatting of how I share Max updates – maybe instead of monthly, I’ll update with milestones, or with outings we do, or fun activities we complete inside, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Regardless of how we proceed, Max updates in some way, shape or form are here to stay. Possibly forever. Like, he may very well be in his twenties and I’m over here like aw look at my boy! Did you ever see a cuter 24-year old?



So Max has personality. He’s always been a very personality-heavy baby, but each time I come here for an update, it’s come out more and more. He’s insanely happy, a little mischievous, super smart, very curious and tirelessly active. All of which results in a somewhat perfect baby. He’s really into trying (and liking!) all foods we put in front of him and he can entertain himself with his toys for a little bit. The only “negative” is he’s not sleeping through the night as well as he used to. He’s been waking up 3-4 times a night and his days are filled with lots of drool which can only mean one thing – more teething. Yippee…



When he eats food, his chewing is so cute, I just cannot even take it. He has now eaten: banana, eggs, avocado, kiwi (his favorite), prunes, apples, pears, turkey, chicken, pumpkin, mashed potatoes, chickpeas, black beans, carrot, kale, steak, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, squash, yogurt, lentils. Gosh, possibly even more. We’ve been giving him just a little bit of water to wash everything down with and he loves it. He’s become pretty good with drinking from a straw too.



And when he’s done eating, it’s back to playtime where he’s been walking by holding onto and pushing the activity board he has on wheels. After a couple of rounds he’s done, but I’m so amazed that he gets up, holds on, walks his steps and then decides he’ll move on to another stimulating exercise. I started walking at nine months, but am I ready for Max to do the same? I’m not sure! It’s terrifying to me and also, so many people have told me that once they are walking, it’s all over. You better be by their sides constantly. Is this true? Because 😱

And THEN we had Max’s first Christmas and first snow, although he stayed inside for the snow. He wasn’t too keen on tearing the wrapping paper, but he did love the bows.





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