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Max is Ten Months Old

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I have a ten month old.

Max is doing great, meeting all milestone and growing like a champ. According to the home scale, he’s 23 pounds.

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There’s not too much that’s new other than his refusal to take a nap most days. And the fact that he really wants to be walking (any time now). And he laughs when his diaper is being changed. He’s a quirky kid.

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The other day I made pasta for myself for lunch and he made a noise that sounded like he was trying to say “more”. And just like that, he ate all the rest of my lunch. Right now I’m in the hectic early planning stages of his first birthday party. I just turned in the paperwork and security deposit for our neighborhood clubhouse (it’ll be perfect in the summer when we can swim!), purchased his onesie for the party and the decoration to go on the high chair while he smashes into (fruit) cake!

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Other things: In February Max went on a plane for the first time when we traveled to Tampa to visit family and friends. He was a dream on both flights and I was so very grateful, especially considering it was just him and I flying. I was anxiety-ridden just thinking of the logistics behind traveling alone with a baby, but also how Max would act on the plane since babies are unpredictable.

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I will say that the hardest part was the car seat, but even then, I don’t have much complaint. We plastic wrapped the car seat and checked it at the desk, just like a piece of luggage. There were helpful personnel everywhere in both airports to assist with getting the car seat off the baggage claim belt and to where I needed it to go. I had to install it by myself upon arrival in Tampa, but it’s not very difficult. Nearly a month later and I’m still blown away by how fortunate I was the entire trip.


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While we were there, we had our family pasta dinner which is always a lot of fun!

We are so close to having a year old toddler child and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.

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