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Fly Bar: Where Bad Days at Work go to Die

Nicole and I love happy hour. We both agree that happy hour is one of the best pastimes known to man and therefore, she is my go-to friend whenever I feel like I’m past due for an after work adventure. In fact, I purchase Groupons and such with Nicole in mind and all the places we can try! We believe that instead of going home to wallow in the self pity that might arise from a bad day at work, there is no other option than to enjoy a happy hour and embrace life while drinking our favorite cocktail (mine, by the way, is a Gin & Tonic).

A couple of weeks ago it was with heavy hearts that we realized Cru Cellars would be closed on the date we had picked for happy hour. Not to be deterred for too long, we scoured the interwebs, asked for recommendations, and finally decided on enjoying an after work treat at Fly Bar in downtown Tampa, known for their drinks, decor and rooftop bar.

NewInteriors-6Image via Fly Bar

After a series of unfortunates including the navigation of downtown Tampa, a full parking lot, cumbersome Florida rain, broken parking meters and a minor fender bender, we arrived at Fly Bar with 8 minutes to spare before the 6:30pm deadline when the happy hour menu would be taken out of our grubby little hands. I was hungry and ready for a drink after the circumstances we went through to finally be seated that my disappointment in having a rained out rooftop bar subsided in record time. But, isn’t it pretty? Next time, my friends.

5Image via Fly Bar

Although many an item appealed to us, we weren’t about to turn into total gluttons. We are ladies, you know.

Hummus Fly Bar Tampa


Homemade Hummus: tomato, cucumber, feta, pita wedges 

The hummus was pretty good and we were both craving some of this dip so ordering it was a no brainer. It wasn’t a unique hummus, but that’s just what I needed- something reliable and tasty. A highlight was the mini salad they put on the plate made with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, cheese and a light vinaigrette.

nachos fly bar tampa

Authentic Nachos

Authentic Nachos: spiced black beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, ropa vieja

You put ropa vieja on your menu and I’m a goner (in a good way). That’s just a well known fact. I love ropa vieja with all my heart and combining that with crispy nachos, cheese, jalapenos, cilantro and I’m ordering that dish. The Authentic Nachos at Fly Bar are a great option to share with friends and co-workers.

sliders fly bar tampa


Sliders: white cheddar, sauteed mushrooms and onions, chipotle ketchup

These sliders, let me tell you, may look basic, but they just aren’t. The burger is slightly charred to give a nice crisp and flavor and I love that it’s 2-bite size. The real winner of this dish is the chipotle ketchup that’s served on the side. The ketchup is sweet and tangy, but punches you in the throat with some heat, just the way I like it. Not enough to leave my mouth on fire after some water but enough to get to the point. You get two sliders with this menu option.

Unpictured is the Grilled Hanger Steak with fingerling potatoes, seasonal mushrooms, and a chimichurri sauce. I decided to order this item to-go for my husband and I tried some of it when I got home. I’ve mentioned before that I love chimichurri sauce and that was actually what drew me to this steak in the first place. I liked the dish, but thought it was a little overpriced for the amount of food you got and I’ve had better chimichurri many times. I would order something else next time.

NewInteriorsImage via Fly Bar

I would implore everyone to try out Fly Bar during their happy hour deal. Lasting until 6:30pm Monday-Friday, Fly Bar features a discount on premium well drinks and 1/2 off their bar appetizers. Besides the deals, it’s just a really chill place to hang out.

With a vast happy hour selection and more food than I can handle in just one sitting, I will definitely be back to Fly Bar, but Nicole and I are on a mission to try many a Tampa happy hour before repeating locations. Which do you recommend?

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4 Responses to “Fly Bar: Where Bad Days at Work go to Die”

  1. Nichole C — October 3, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Seriously, I have dreams of those ropa vieja nachos! I’m not even kidding. Signed, your happy hour friend!

    • Jennifer — October 3rd, 2013 @ 4:28 pm

      Those were my favorite! I want to go back, but first we have to conquer other happy hours.

  2. Leslie — October 7, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    Ahhh you made me want to go there stat! It has been too long. Funny how life can *really* get in the way when all you’re trying to do is get to a damn happy hour…glad you made it (barely) in time. I agree with you on ropa vieja…it is so divine…and as a topper on nachos, I mean c’mon. Those sliders with the char (and kick from the chipotle) also sound totally up my alley. My stomach is growling. Thanks Jenn 😉

    • Jennifer — October 8th, 2013 @ 9:46 am

      Oh, you are more than welcome… (hehehe)

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