Vegetable Ribbon Pasta

vegetable ribbon pasta | a pasta dish with carrot and zucchini noodles! |

I feel very strongly about pasta. You know the whole "give me liberty or give me death"? It's kind of like that for me, except more like "give me pasta or I might as well just leave this earth". But we can all agree that pasta isn't always the most healthy of options, right? I KNOW, it pains me to even take pasta's name in vain. The thing about it is that you can enjoy a perfectly sound pasta dish with almost no pasta, or with absolutely no pasta whatsoever if you're feeling squirrley (and insane). The other night I had to have my pasta fix, but where I would normally reach for ...

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breakfast potatoes

The Best Pan-Fried Breakfast Potatoes

A Google search for 'breakfast potato recipe' yields over seven million results. There's a reason for that - we love our starches. My favorite potatoes in the whole wide world are these breakfast potatoes right here. What you'll need: Potatoes. Durr. Canola oil Salt and ...

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Wormsloe trees

A Trip to Savannah

I'm grateful for some of the good restaurants we have here in Tampa, but I was beyond excited to travel to Savannah over Valentine's weekend. My husband and I had never been, but we've heard that it's a wonderful city, full of great eats, plenty of history, and a large number of things to ...

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My official (1)

My Official Bucket List

  I made the statement to my husband the other day that I haven't blogged this year except for "about 3-4 times". Which is a complete and utter lie because apparently I've been blogging approximately every two days in February and almost every other day in January. Isn't it ...

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Crave-Worthy Panzanella Salad

How many of you go to a restaurant and are giddy with excitement over the free bread? I see all those hands raised (because I'm IN YOUR COMPUTER) but you aren't alone (because I'm in your computer) - I love me some free bread. I'll take any dips: pesto, a balsamic and olive oil combo, a ...

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Mac + Cheese Bites

IN + ON Bar Bites at Bonefish Grill #IncredibleIs

They'll always be a need for happy hours. Long work days (hell, long work weeks) give away to the need for a chat with a friend over a glass of wine or crafty cocktail. This past Thursday was perfect because it was my Friday and the end to a 100,000 hour work week. Before heading to the ...

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PicMonkey Collage

Weekend Meals Worth the Time

This post is sponsored by, but my desire to share (and make!) weeknight meals is my own. Enjoy! It's almost springtime!!! I'm so ready because my least favorite time of the year for the entire process of food blogging (creating, photographing, writing) is the time between ...

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