Adventuring in Downtown Tampa

downtown tampa

Recently, my husband and I spent some time together in downtown Tampa. It's funny how the place you grew up in can still offer something new and fun. Around town, we tend to go out to eat, go to a wine bar, see a movie, sometimes decide we need to walk around Target for a little while. What we always fail to remember is that Tampa also has some really great outdoor spots, and by that I don't just mean those restaurants with prime outdoor seating although there is that, but also there are parks and people and (usually, or actually, if you're lucky) a breeze coming in off the river. On a ...

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#EasterJoy with Shari’s Berries

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I'll talk about my Easter in a moment, but as a snippet, I totally watched some chick on Meerkat eat half a chocolate bunny as she sat there watching TV. What is it about these live broadcasting apps? Meerkat, Periscope...I CAN'T STOP WATCHING PEOPLE ...

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vegetable ribbon pasta | a pasta dish with carrot and zucchini noodles! |

Vegetable Ribbon Pasta

I feel very strongly about pasta. You know the whole "give me liberty or give me death"? It's kind of like that for me, except more like "give me pasta or I might as well just leave this earth". But we can all agree that pasta isn't always the most healthy of options, right? I KNOW, it ...

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breakfast potatoes

The Best Pan-Fried Breakfast Potatoes

A Google search for 'breakfast potato recipe' yields over seven million results. There's a reason for that - we love our starches. My favorite potatoes in the whole wide world are these breakfast potatoes right here. What you'll need: Potatoes. Durr. Canola oil Salt and ...

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Wormsloe trees

A Trip to Savannah

I'm grateful for some of the good restaurants we have here in Tampa, but I was beyond excited to travel to Savannah over Valentine's weekend. My husband and I had never been, but we've heard that it's a wonderful city, full of great eats, plenty of history, and a large number of things to ...

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My official (1)

My Official Bucket List

  I made the statement to my husband the other day that I haven't blogged this year except for "about 3-4 times". Which is a complete and utter lie because apparently I've been blogging approximately every two days in February and almost every other day in January. Isn't it ...

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