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Max is Two Months Old

max month two

This little child o’ mine. Not so little anymore, my friends. He still has a voracious appetite and packing on the pounds, but he’s getting better at lasting longer between feedings in the middle of the night, helping me to not dread my upcoming return to work. Aside from missing the boy for the WHOLE EIGHT HOURS, I’m mostly dreading returning to work without enough sleep. Do you know how much slower the day goes by when you’re exhausted?


I guess his head is too big for the hat…

So when I wake up in the morning without a Max alarm and realize Max is either still sleeping or, more often than not, just cooing and talking to himself in his bed, I do a little happy jig.



The talking is out of control, in the best way, of course. He makes so many talking noises and when I repeat them back to him, he gets a big kick out of it and gives this huge, open-mouthed smile. He’s started to do what I can only describe as a preliminary laugh that’s like a quick piggy squeal. When do kiddos start for real laughing? I’m really excited for that.


I started going out by myself with the Max boy too. It’s nice because I feel like a for real mom when I do this (wearing my mom clothes and all – white oxford shirt, skinny jeans, flats), and I make myself look totally put together, but inside I’m this anxiety-stricken mess because who knows when Max will get hungry (he eats every 2-4 hours) and lose his mind…up in here, up in here. When he loses it, oh man. I just want to crawl into a hole with him so no one hears the ruckus. Max is so loud.



Of course, before I leave the house, I’m pretty sure I’m way overpacking the diaper bag. (Side note: I recommend this one. Backpack diaper bags are the best.) Like, how do you know he won’t have a blowout diaper and then another one right after you change him? ‘Cause that’s happened before. Who’s to say you won’t need approximately 1,430,560 wipes to clean his dirty bottom? What if he spits out pacifiers? How many outfits does he need? Even though it’s summer, what if our outing includes somewhere with cold A/C and Max needs socks and mittens? Do I need lotion in case I notice some dryness? What about a hat? And when do they start wearing those cute sunglasses?


Basically, my diaper bag is packed to the brim and I still don’t feel 100% prepared. I have a sneaking suspicion that for most moms you never feel completely in control. I’m with you.


So I’m a new contributor for The Mommy Spot. It’s something I’m really excited about! I’ve written about why I like being a mom in Tampa Bay and also a review for a baby toy that Max loved (being posted soon). I anticipate fun outings with the moms and kids.


Who have I become? Not even I know, but I like it.


Let’s go over Max’s likes and dislikes!

Likes: being held, Bits dog, bath time and especially after when he’s cuddled in his towel, being swaddled, getting his diaper changed, this book, this song, getting his face wiped, playing on his mat and staring at Monkey


Dislikes: that dirty diaper, having to burp, being bored (he loves to interact), my sneezes (they scare him), when he’s really over mat time thankyouverymuch



Oh, and Max likes Snapchat too 😉





This year was Mike’s first Father’s Day. Max and I worked hard on creating a craft for him and I bought Max a onesie that’s basically good for one time use since it refers to this Father’s Day as being the first. We had a great day all together and Max is really looking forward to yearly crafts for his dad. It was a lot of fun making the craft and I learned my lesson about sticking your child’s foot in a puddle of paint as opposed to just lightly brushing on some paint. #noob


We also celebrated 4th of July by taking this picture. Nothing else. No grilling, no margaritas, just us and lots of loud fireworks right outside our front door. Thankfully, Max slept right through them. Can’t say the same for the dog…


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