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Max is Six Months Old



From what I know, a lot of moms get emotional over the fact that their newborn child is six months old all of a sudden. Half a year. It’s surreal, that’s for sure, but I’m really happy about it. Max is so fun and vibrant and smart and I’m just thoroughly enjoying seeing him grow and learn and progress. Knowing there’s only more of this to come is incredibly exciting.


Our major news is that we all moved to North Carolina, the Raleigh-Durham area! We’ve talked about doing it for years, but didn’t know it would happen so quickly and just all work out so swiftly. I got a job at UNC-Chapel Hill and Mike will be working for Duke Hospital. Before we start, we’ve taken some time to move in to a new townhouse we’re renting and become more familiar with the area. So far we have the kitchen completely unpacked because, as good of a baby as Max is, he’s still a handful. He always wants to be exploring.


Our prime times to do any sort of organizing, cleaning, etc is when he takes a nap or at night when it’s bedtime. The thing is that by the time that happens, we kind of just want to crash as well. Oh well, we’ll get there.



Living in North Carolina, I realize I need more outfits for Max. He’s a Florida baby and so has way more short sleeve onesies than anything else. He needs appropriate pajamas, outside outfits, hats, mittens, socks, shoes… and so do I. I think I have maybe two sweaters and two jackets, and one pair of boots. I was not prepared for how old mornings are here, and if we’re being honest, I’m being a complete wimp because it’s only in the 40’s. I’m just not used to it.


So far we’ve visited many restaurants and coffee shops. We’ve gone to one of the museums here and strolled throughout downtown Raleigh. We’ve taken many trips to Target for essentials to build a home, like shower curtains, basics like that. (We had an enclosed shower before.) I’ve gotten my driver’s license and North Carolina license plate (and paid the small fortune associated with it). We’re getting acquainted with our new state and are so looking forward to raising Max here.



As for Max, he’s adjusting just fine. He’s eating a number of solids: egg yolks, avocado, banana, apples, prunes, sweet potato. Apples and prunes are his favorites, but the prunes are so messy and we’ve ruined many shirts and bibs with them. Max gets all jumpy when it’s time to eat and it’s adorable. What’s not so adorable? When he is determined to smack his hand into the bowl of food.

He hasn’t started crawling yet, but he’s on the verge. He rocks on his hands and knees, but then there’s no execution. Soon, baby boy, soon.


And Max is getting a tooth! It’s the lower front left and it’s ADORABLE. He hasn’t been too fussy over it, just mostly drooling everywhere and whining every so often. He gnaws on his pacifiers and cold washcloths and those things seem to help. He’s also been eating these teething wafers from Happy Baby and can’t seem to get enough of them.



We also spent Halloween at the local produce market in Tampa before we moved. Max was dressed up, naturally, as Max from the book “Where the Wild Things Are” and my mom and I took him on a hay ride which he really loved! He was so good, just sitting on my lap as we rode along and taking it all in.





When he went for his six month appointment, he was nearly 17 pounds and 27.75 inches long. He’s a long and lean baby!

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