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National Seafood Bisque Day | Chowder Recap

My entire day was ruined by the sickness. My day was as follows: wake up too early, realize I have a bowling bowl in my throat (seriously, I thought I had strep throat, it was so bad), drinks lots of hot tea, swallow a Vitamin C tablet, eat an orange, take a long nap, try to survive my massive migraine, watch The Walking Dead, and now here we are.

I barely moved all day, much less had the energy to make seafood bisque, one of the only food holidays that I did not pre-make. I figured at some point I would have the will to cook, but not the ability, whether it be from getting sick or last minute travel plans, something like that. Unfortunately, it was the former, but hopefully it’s the last time I’m sick this year. I’m already starting to feel better so something worked.

So, instead of a seafood bisque, I’m going to re-share my Clam Chowder Bowl and South American Clam Chowder from food holidays past. Seems close enough.

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